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New EU projects on entrepreneurship

19 February 2021

Life is too short to be SMALL ( Benjamin Disraeli ). Life is too short not to be a LACONSEIL Entrepreneur .

If you are interested in new EU projects on entrepreneurship , please share your experience and project ideas by email :

LACONSEIL Brussels – , a hands on experience in entrepreneurship , according to Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program: more than 24 years of experience ; entrepreneurship courses for over 250 participants; conferences with successful entrepreneurs ; business plans competitions ; grants and mentoring for more than 130 entrepreneurs ; methodologies to choose the right business plans ; guides of best practices for entrepreneurship etc.

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Other News

05 July 2018

How you can address the FREEDOM TO OPERATE analysis in H2020 proposals ?

In the H2020, SME Instrument, Phase 2 project proposals, a subject treated vague and insufficiently is the FREEDOM TO OPERATE ( FTO) analysis.

Both during the writing phase, and in the implementation phase, our exper...

15 February 2019

Developing HORIZON 2020 projects

Delighted to present " Developing HORIZON 2020 projects " in the Conference Hall " Ferninand"  of the A.I.Cuza University.