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Our experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , writing project proposals and business plans , project management , project dissemination & communication.

27 years of experience

A large experience in entrepreneurship

Writing around 180 project proposals


13 September 2023

Our Transnational Project Meeting in Dublin

In our last TPM in Dublin- Ireland , we gave a boost to our BOOST TRAIN & RETAIN project to the following project activities: Pilot Testing, Adaptation to E-learning Platform & Final...
13 July 2022

Delighted to participate in Berlin  , at ESCP Business School ( )  , for a debate with the participants about „ A european approach to...
07 July 2022

What could be more satisfying than the message received yesterday from AEF -Europe Bruxelles, regarding the approval of our ERASMUS + project: "Boost Train & Retain" ? „...
23 June 2022

Get ready , the #EICSummit2022 is coming this winter ! 7-8 December . The #EUeic will host 2 days summit featuring : workshops and networking , exhibitions and EIC Prize ceremonies. More...

Added value

  Our added value is a large experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , project management, project dissemination & communication .

...To enable cross-fertilisation and synergies , in a balanced consortium.


Evaluate for free HORIZON 2020 project idea!

Complete the form with your name , e-mail, project name and import your project files and we’ll evaluate for free your idea!

Firstly , we evaluate for FREE your idea of HORIZON 2020 project , taking into account the three criteria : Impact , Excellence and Quality and efficiency of implementation.

If your idea is feasible , we decide the further collaboration through our involvement in the effective writing of the project proposal , meaning Technical Annex Section 1-3 si Technical Annex Section 4-5.

In writing the proposal , we keep in mind all the aspects mentioned in the evaluation form of an HORIZON

2020 project:

  • European added value;
  • the potential to boost the growth of the applying company;
  • status and strategy of knowledge protection;
  • the need of "freedom to operate analysis”;
  • the history and current stage of development of the innovation;
  • comparison with the current state-of-the-art solution ;
  • comprehensive description of work , etc.

After approval of your project , it will starts the preparation period for contracting the grant. We help you in

the following areas:

  • online grant preparation ;
  • correct shortcomings identified by the experts in the „Evaluation Summary Report „ ;
  • check if the Description of the Action ( DoA) - Annex 1 and the Estimated budget for the action ( Annex 2 )
  • match the proposal.


Please send us a message in the Contact section .