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Our experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , writing project proposals and business plans , project management , project dissemination & communication.

25 years of experience

A large experience in entrepreneurship

Writing around 150 project proposals

L’Art Du Conseil

“ The art of consultancy in project management.

From idea to sustainability, every project is unique as a work of art.”

Catalin-Lucian Lungu

LaConseil founder

  • 1996


    Our story started in 1996 ...

    In order to offer a brand new look to the firm, through a rebranding process, the experience in project management and human resources were successfully transferred to BEST CONSEIL company, and, in the end, to LACONSEIL , a mature company, that is committed to delivering sustainable results.

    Our long experience, of more than 25 years, in project management and a vast portfolio of more than 150 projects, represents the reason why our company is the standard of longevity.

  • 2014

    HORIZON 2020

    The young business man, who, in 1996, established a consulting company , had an uprising road to success, both him as well as his business; from 2014 to 2019, Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU was an expert evaluator and rapporteur for the European Commission – Research Executive Agency (REA) and the Executive Agency of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), for the Research & Innovation Program HORIZON 2020.Throughout this period, Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU has evaluated more than 480 innovation proposals, submitted by the SMEs in Europe, under HORIZON 2020, SME Instrument, Phase 1 and Phase 2 & Fast Track to Innovation Pilot Scheme .


  • 2016


    In 2016, the rich experience gained by Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU led to his promotion as a reviewer , appointed by the European Commission – Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), whose main tasks consist in monitoring the implementation of 6 projects in Europe:Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands , Italy.


  • 2018


    LACONSEIL SPRL Belgium started to operate in 2018, being an European level scale-up of a previous national endeavor with more than 25 years experience.

    We have  a large experience in entrepreneurship according to Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program:

    entrepreneurship courses;business plans competitions;start-up seed funding ( grants );mentoring and monitoring.

    Through the Brussels office , we can have a direct relationship with your project officer in Brussels , connections with European institutions , access to EU events with a direct impact on your project ,

    making available state-of-the-art spaces in Brussels for promote your project and results on European level- meetings , workshops , conferences , brokerage events , investors pitches etc.

Added value

  Our added value is a large experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , project management, project dissemination & communication .

...To enable cross-fertilisation and synergies , in a balanced consortium.


Evaluate for free HORIZON 2020 project idea!

Download the OnePageOutline, complete the form and we’ll evaluate for free your idea!

Firstly , we evaluate for FREE your idea of HORIZON 2020 project , taking into account the three criteria : Impact , Excellence and Quality and efficiency of implementation.

If your idea is feasible , we decide the further collaboration through our involvement in the effective writing of the project proposal , meaning Technical Annex Section 1-3 si Technical Annex Section 4-5.

In writing the proposal , we keep in mind all the aspects mentioned in the evaluation form of an HORIZON

2020 project:

  • European added value;
  • the potential to boost the growth of the applying company;
  • status and strategy of knowledge protection;
  • the need of "freedom to operate analysis”;
  • the history and current stage of development of the innovation;
  • comparison with the current state-of-the-art solution ;
  • comprehensive description of work , etc.

After approval of your project , it will starts the preparation period for contracting the grant. We help you in

the following areas:

  • online grant preparation ;
  • correct shortcomings identified by the experts in the „Evaluation Summary Report „ ;
  • check if the Description of the Action ( DoA) - Annex 1 and the Estimated budget for the action ( Annex 2 )
  • match the proposal.



Writing project proposals , project management , project dissemination & communication, innovation and entrepreneurship 

Business support infrastructures / Entrepreneurship/ Education/ Employment

Implemented projects

  • A better adaptation by advisory and orientation -LACONSEIL Ltd and 2 partners
  • The industrial park Botosani town -The support consortium
  • VAST-Vulnerable , but socially active as you – LACONSEIL Ltd and 4 partners
  • SPO On-Line – The Balance between Workforce Supply and Work Demand’ – County Agency for Employment Timişoara
  • BonAntreprenor – LACONSEIL Ltd and 2 partners 
  • NOEX – Say NO to social exclusion – LACONSEIL Ltd and 3 partners 

Urban & tourism infrastructure

Implemented projects

  • Urban regeneration –Lapusneanu-Piata Unirii -City/ Municipality of Iasi
  • Modernization of the road connection for the intermodal transport center –train station Iasi - City/Municipality of Iasi
  • The modernization of the road infrastructure for the capitalization of touristic potential Ceahlau mountain-County Council of Neamt
  • The development of the infrastructure for the rescue public service - County Council of Neamt
  • Urban regeneration –Lapusneanu-Piata Unirii -City/ Municipality of Iasi 
  • Modernization of the road connection for the intermodal transport center –train station Iasi -City/Municipality of Iasi 
  • The modernization of the road infrastructure for the capitalization of touristic potential Ceahlau mountain-County Council of Neamt
  • The development of the infrastructure for the rescue public service - County Council of Neamt

Cultural heritage & historical monuments

Implemented projects

  • Consolidation and restauration of the Iasi City museum - City/Municipality of Iasi
  • A heritage building– museum for the third millenium - County Council of Suceava
  • Restoration , consolidation and touristic integration Roman-Catholic old cathedral - Roman-Catholic diocese

Tourism & natural areas

Implemented projects

  • Increasing accomodation capacity and modernisation of the Hotel Unirea- GAMA Ltd
  • Modernisation of Hotel Maria – GAMA Ltd
  • Hotel Maestro – EURO-INTER SPORT Ltd
  • Improving the quality of tourism product by extending and modernisation the 3 stars Hotel Belvedere – BELVEDERE Ltd
  • Developing the management for Ceahlau national park- County Council of Neamt
  • Management for protected natural areas –lakes Pangarati , Vaduri , Cuiejdel - County Council of Neamt


Implemented projects

  • Increasing Production Capacity of a Leather Products Company - ALPEL COM Ltd
  • Financial diagnosis report and Consultancy services for privatization - LUCEAFARUL Co
  • Increasing Production Capacity in a Ready-made clothes Company’ - SIMCRO Ltd
  • Consultancy services for privatization, Business plan for acquisition of majority stake, Feasibility study ‘Modernising Production Flow in Knitted Fabrics and Clothing Company’ - JATEX Co
  • Manufacturing Facility – ELPROEX Co
  • Compound Feed Production Facility –NUTRIVIT Ltd
  • Sweets Production Facility in the Free Economic Zone Brăila - FANYON Ltd
  • Impact study: ‘Outsourcing of Secondary Activities of the Scope of Business’, Business plan and Consultancy for privatization - MOLDOSIN Co
  • Technical Endowment for Oil Factory –DIANA-PROD Ltd
  • Technical Endowment Diary Products Factory - PORTAS COM Ltd
  • Developement of Production of Plastic and Aluminium Insulating Carpentry - CIP-VIC PROD Ltd
  • Technical Endowment – PVC Carpentry Production Facility - MOLDO CCTP Co
  • Production Facility for Canned Vegetables and Fruit – AGRIFAB Ltd
  • Implementing the Horizontal Integration Strategy by Purchasing Assets of the Company Ital Timec S.R.L., Cislău, Buzău County -HYPERION Ltd
  • Manufacturing System – Wooden Lighting Equipment - LUXTEN DEVA Ltd
  • High Performance Equipment – Production Facility –AGAT PRODEX Ltd
  • Patent Capitalization: Self Closing Scarf –FARMABIOMED Ltd
  • Developing and Improving Roads in Rural Area of Botoşani County –TRANSAGRA Ltd
  • Production Facility for Ceramic Blocks and Bricks- ROTHERM Ltd
  • Increasing Production Capacity, Diversification of Product Range and Improving Working Conditions for the Workers - PROD-MOBIL H Ltd
  • Setting Up Modern Farm for Raising Dairy Cows - AGRO-SOLOMONESCU Ltd
  • Modernisation of Dairy Plant - LACTO-SOLOMONESCU Ltd
  • Modernisation and Endowment with Agricultural Machinery of Vegetal -Production Farm - TOMICOM Ltd
  • Expansion and Modernisation of Milk Processing and Dairy Factory - PORTAS COM Ltd
  • Modernisation and Endowment with Agricultural Machinery of Mixed Farm - MULTIAGRA Ltd
  • High Performance Technology Insertion in the Organic Farm Multiagra - MULTIAGRA Ltd
  • Equiping a Competitive Technical Tool House for Forestry -EURO B.A. COS Ltd
  • Improving the Quality of Tourism Infrastructure by Setting Up the 3 Stars Ovidiu Guesthouse - OVYDYU COMP SERVICE Ltd
  • Modern Technologies for Bakery and Pastry Products Parisienne a la Vys- PARISIENNE A LA VYS Ltd
  • Diversification of Rural Economy by Setting Up a New Production Facility for Industrial Strainers - POLYMET & GLASS DESIGN Ltd
  • Production Facility for Packaging Cardboard -CARTON MDA Ltd
  • Effective Manufacturing System in the Field of Structures and Metal Constructions - AGAT PRODEX Ltd
  • Modern Technologies in Rubber Processing- ARCA ALFA Ltd
  • Modern Technologies Used in Antet-Tipocom Print Shop - ANTET TIPOCOM Ltd
  • Improving the Quality of Bakery and Pastry Products - TOMICOM Ltd
  • Increasing Production Capacity of S.C. Recom Sid S.A. Hunedoara by Extending the Workshop for Metal Construction - RECOM SID Co
  • LaOffice – Modern Office for Project Management - LACONSEIL Ltd
  • Maio-Truck – Service and Car Wash- MAIO TRUCK Ltd
  • Modern Production Facility for Sanitary Items of Paper- DONIS PAPER Ltd
  • Setting Up Marble, Granite and Natural Stone Processing Facility - ROBERT MARMI Ltd
  • Production Facility for Biomass Pellets and Briquettes – Sole Trader GREBENITA GHEORGHE NARCIS.
  • Increasing Production Capacity for Leather Ready-Made Clothes - NEW FASHION Ltd
  • FORESIGHT «Flexibility and Resilience in Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation "
  • PROSCI -Enhancement Excellence in Protein Science
  • MILDTECH -Affordable, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods



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