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Our experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , writing project proposals and business plans , project management , project dissemination & communication.

27 years of experience

A large experience in entrepreneurship

Writing around 180 project proposals

L’Art Du Conseil

“ The art of consultancy in project management.

From idea to sustainability, every project is unique as a work of art.”

Catalin-Lucian Lungu

LaConseil founder

  • 1996


    Our story started in 1996 ...

    In order to offer a brand new look to the firm, through a rebranding process, the experience in project management and human resources were successfully transferred to BEST CONSEIL company, and, in the end, to LACONSEIL , a mature company, that is committed to delivering sustainable results.

    Our long experience, of more than 25 years, in project management and a vast portfolio of more than 150 projects, represents the reason why our company is the standard of longevity.

  • 2014

    HORIZON 2020

    The young business man, who, in 1996, established a consulting company , had an uprising road to success, both him as well as his business; from 2014 to 2019, Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU was an expert evaluator and rapporteur for the European Commission – Research Executive Agency (REA) and the Executive Agency of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), for the Research & Innovation Program HORIZON 2020.Throughout this period, Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU has evaluated more than 480 innovation proposals, submitted by the SMEs in Europe, under HORIZON 2020, SME Instrument, Phase 1 and Phase 2 & Fast Track to Innovation Pilot Scheme .


  • 2016


    In 2016, the rich experience gained by Mr Catalin-Lucian LUNGU led to his promotion as a reviewer , appointed by the European Commission – Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), whose main tasks consist in monitoring the implementation of 6 projects in Europe:Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands , Italy.


  • 2018


    LACONSEIL SPRL Belgium started to operate in 2018, being an European level scale-up of a previous national endeavor with more than 25 years experience.

    We have  a large experience in entrepreneurship according to Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program:

    entrepreneurship courses;business plans competitions;start-up seed funding ( grants );mentoring and monitoring.

    Through the Brussels office , we can have a direct relationship with your project officer in Brussels , connections with European institutions , access to EU events with a direct impact on your project ,

    making available state-of-the-art spaces in Brussels for promote your project and results on European level- meetings , workshops , conferences , brokerage events , investors pitches etc.

Added value

  Our added value is a large experience and practical knowledge in innovation , entrepreneurship , project management, project dissemination & communication .

...To enable cross-fertilisation and synergies , in a balanced consortium.


Evaluate for free HORIZON 2020 project idea!

Download the OnePageOutline, complete the form and we’ll evaluate for free your idea!

Firstly , we evaluate for FREE your idea of HORIZON 2020 project , taking into account the three criteria : Impact , Excellence and Quality and efficiency of implementation.

If your idea is feasible , we decide the further collaboration through our involvement in the effective writing of the project proposal , meaning Technical Annex Section 1-3 si Technical Annex Section 4-5.

In writing the proposal , we keep in mind all the aspects mentioned in the evaluation form of an HORIZON

2020 project:

  • European added value;
  • the potential to boost the growth of the applying company;
  • status and strategy of knowledge protection;
  • the need of "freedom to operate analysis”;
  • the history and current stage of development of the innovation;
  • comparison with the current state-of-the-art solution ;
  • comprehensive description of work , etc.

After approval of your project , it will starts the preparation period for contracting the grant. We help you in

the following areas:

  • online grant preparation ;
  • correct shortcomings identified by the experts in the „Evaluation Summary Report „ ;
  • check if the Description of the Action ( DoA) - Annex 1 and the Estimated budget for the action ( Annex 2 )
  • match the proposal.



Writing project proposals , project management , project dissemination & communication, innovation and entrepreneurship 

Business support infrastructures / Entrepreneurship/ Education/ Employment

Implemented projects

  • A better adaptation by advisory and orientation -LACONSEIL Ltd and 2 partners
  • The industrial park Botosani town -The support consortium
  • VAST-Vulnerable , but socially active as you – LACONSEIL Ltd and 4 partners
  • SPO On-Line – The Balance between Workforce Supply and Work Demand’ – County Agency for Employment Timişoara
  • BonAntreprenor – LACONSEIL Ltd and 2 partners 
  • NOEX – Say NO to social exclusion – LACONSEIL Ltd and 3 partners 

Urban & tourism infrastructure

Implemented projects

  • Urban regeneration –Lapusneanu-Piata Unirii -City/ Municipality of Iasi
  • Modernization of the road connection for the intermodal transport center –train station Iasi - City/Municipality of Iasi
  • The modernization of the road infrastructure for the capitalization of touristic potential Ceahlau mountain-County Council of Neamt
  • The development of the infrastructure for the rescue public service - County Council of Neamt
  • Urban regeneration –Lapusneanu-Piata Unirii -City/ Municipality of Iasi 
  • Modernization of the road connection for the intermodal transport center –train station Iasi -City/Municipality of Iasi 
  • The modernization of the road infrastructure for the capitalization of touristic potential Ceahlau mountain-County Council of Neamt
  • The development of the infrastructure for the rescue public service - County Council of Neamt

Cultural heritage & historical monuments

Implemented projects

  • Consolidation and restauration of the Iasi City museum - City/Municipality of Iasi
  • A heritage building– museum for the third millenium - County Council of Suceava
  • Restoration , consolidation and touristic integration Roman-Catholic old cathedral - Roman-Catholic diocese

Tourism & natural areas

Implemented projects

  • Increasing accomodation capacity and modernisation of the Hotel Unirea- GAMA Ltd
  • Modernisation of Hotel Maria – GAMA Ltd
  • Hotel Maestro – EURO-INTER SPORT Ltd
  • Improving the quality of tourism product by extending and modernisation the 3 stars Hotel Belvedere – BELVEDERE Ltd
  • Developing the management for Ceahlau national park- County Council of Neamt
  • Management for protected natural areas –lakes Pangarati , Vaduri , Cuiejdel - County Council of Neamt


Implemented projects

  • Increasing Production Capacity of a Leather Products Company - ALPEL COM Ltd
  • Financial diagnosis report and Consultancy services for privatization - LUCEAFARUL Co
  • Increasing Production Capacity in a Ready-made clothes Company’ - SIMCRO Ltd
  • Consultancy services for privatization, Business plan for acquisition of majority stake, Feasibility study ‘Modernising Production Flow in Knitted Fabrics and Clothing Company’ - JATEX Co
  • Manufacturing Facility – ELPROEX Co
  • Compound Feed Production Facility –NUTRIVIT Ltd
  • Sweets Production Facility in the Free Economic Zone Brăila - FANYON Ltd
  • Impact study: ‘Outsourcing of Secondary Activities of the Scope of Business’, Business plan and Consultancy for privatization - MOLDOSIN Co
  • Technical Endowment for Oil Factory –DIANA-PROD Ltd
  • Technical Endowment Diary Products Factory - PORTAS COM Ltd
  • Developement of Production of Plastic and Aluminium Insulating Carpentry - CIP-VIC PROD Ltd
  • Technical Endowment – PVC Carpentry Production Facility - MOLDO CCTP Co
  • Production Facility for Canned Vegetables and Fruit – AGRIFAB Ltd
  • Implementing the Horizontal Integration Strategy by Purchasing Assets of the Company Ital Timec S.R.L., Cislău, Buzău County -HYPERION Ltd
  • Manufacturing System – Wooden Lighting Equipment - LUXTEN DEVA Ltd
  • High Performance Equipment – Production Facility –AGAT PRODEX Ltd
  • Patent Capitalization: Self Closing Scarf –FARMABIOMED Ltd
  • Developing and Improving Roads in Rural Area of Botoşani County –TRANSAGRA Ltd
  • Production Facility for Ceramic Blocks and Bricks- ROTHERM Ltd
  • Increasing Production Capacity, Diversification of Product Range and Improving Working Conditions for the Workers - PROD-MOBIL H Ltd
  • Setting Up Modern Farm for Raising Dairy Cows - AGRO-SOLOMONESCU Ltd
  • Modernisation of Dairy Plant - LACTO-SOLOMONESCU Ltd
  • Modernisation and Endowment with Agricultural Machinery of Vegetal -Production Farm - TOMICOM Ltd
  • Expansion and Modernisation of Milk Processing and Dairy Factory - PORTAS COM Ltd
  • Modernisation and Endowment with Agricultural Machinery of Mixed Farm - MULTIAGRA Ltd
  • High Performance Technology Insertion in the Organic Farm Multiagra - MULTIAGRA Ltd
  • Equiping a Competitive Technical Tool House for Forestry -EURO B.A. COS Ltd
  • Improving the Quality of Tourism Infrastructure by Setting Up the 3 Stars Ovidiu Guesthouse - OVYDYU COMP SERVICE Ltd
  • Modern Technologies for Bakery and Pastry Products Parisienne a la Vys- PARISIENNE A LA VYS Ltd
  • Diversification of Rural Economy by Setting Up a New Production Facility for Industrial Strainers - POLYMET & GLASS DESIGN Ltd
  • Production Facility for Packaging Cardboard -CARTON MDA Ltd
  • Effective Manufacturing System in the Field of Structures and Metal Constructions - AGAT PRODEX Ltd
  • Modern Technologies in Rubber Processing- ARCA ALFA Ltd
  • Modern Technologies Used in Antet-Tipocom Print Shop - ANTET TIPOCOM Ltd
  • Improving the Quality of Bakery and Pastry Products - TOMICOM Ltd
  • Increasing Production Capacity of S.C. Recom Sid S.A. Hunedoara by Extending the Workshop for Metal Construction - RECOM SID Co
  • LaOffice – Modern Office for Project Management - LACONSEIL Ltd
  • Maio-Truck – Service and Car Wash- MAIO TRUCK Ltd
  • Modern Production Facility for Sanitary Items of Paper- DONIS PAPER Ltd
  • Setting Up Marble, Granite and Natural Stone Processing Facility - ROBERT MARMI Ltd
  • Production Facility for Biomass Pellets and Briquettes – Sole Trader GREBENITA GHEORGHE NARCIS.
  • Increasing Production Capacity for Leather Ready-Made Clothes - NEW FASHION Ltd
  • FORESIGHT «Flexibility and Resilience in Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation "
  • PROSCI -Enhancement Excellence in Protein Science
  • MILDTECH -Affordable, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods



13 September 2023

Our Transnational Project Meeting in Dublin

In our last TPM in Dublin- Ireland , we gave a boost to our BOOST TRAIN & RETAIN project to the following project activities: Pilot Testing, Adaptation to E-learning Platform & Final...
13 July 2022

Delighted to participate in Berlin  , at ESCP Business School ( )  , for a debate with the participants about „ A european approach to...
07 July 2022

What could be more satisfying than the message received yesterday from AEF -Europe Bruxelles, regarding the approval of our ERASMUS + project: "Boost Train & Retain" ? „...
23 June 2022

Get ready , the #EICSummit2022 is coming this winter ! 7-8 December . The #EUeic will host 2 days summit featuring : workshops and networking , exhibitions and EIC Prize ceremonies. More...


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