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Why specialized assistance in the management of the Grant Agreement ( GA ) is important for your organization ?

27 August 2018

Our company places a special emphasis on the correct implementation of all the obligations stated in the grant agreement: subcontractors, records, reporting, intellectual property etc.

Elaboration of periodic reports ,  the final report and amendments to the Grant

Assistance for the subcontractors procurement procedures.For your subcontractors, we check the compliance with the best value for money principle.

We check periodically on a three–month basis all the project expenses and formulate recommendations for the compliance with the eligible expenses.

Preparing the technical and financial aspects of the project for the Commission reviews and Commission audits

Assistance in the promotion and marketing of the project, assuring its visibility for EU funding.

Other News

27 September 2019

European Research & Innovation Days

Exceptional speakers on #Europeanresearchandinnovationdays :Club of Rome , Oxford University , Nobel laureates .

07 December 2018


Excited to participate at the biggest event in Europe on ICT : 4-6 December 2018 - Vienna. An enriching experience on the Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Internet.